Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tres Filipino and Spanish Cuisine - A Kare-kare Pinoy Food Experience

This is a long overdue post on my birthday eat out last March at TRES Filipino & Spanish Cuisine, The Block, SM North City Edsa, ground floor facing Trinoma. Ok, so me and Rache wanted to try a different eating experience for my birthday. I had wanted to try out a place that I myself haven't eaten before. While resto window shopping, someone gave us a flier advertising Tres' promo of EAT ALL YOU CAN KARE KARE. We were on the escalator going up to The Block's 2nd floor and we were supposed to go looking for a place to eat there but the thought of stuffing ourselves with Kare-kare won us over! We immediately went down the escalator again to go to the restaurant's location which was on the ground floor outside.

Photo Credit: Tres

I loved the interior. It was warm and cozy looking. It had an old Filipino-Spanish feel to it which of course is the theme of the whole restaurant. We sat down on a corner table and ordered the Eat All You Can Karekare promo. 

Unfortunately I don't remember exactly how much it was but it was definitely not more than Php 300. Rachel and I were both pleasantly surprised by the superb service that was given to us. We talked with the head waiter and  had a lovely chat with him while waiting for our food to be served. We found out that the owner has Filipino-Spanish roots and the recipes used were family recipes. Then the food arrived! The eat all you can Karekare promo served all three of their karekare special dishes - namely Krispy Kare-kare (their bestseller!), Beef Kare-kare, and Seafood Kare-kare. They gave us small portions of each on three small rectangular dishes and we could have it refilled once we were done. We both had our own Kare-kare "gravy" boat to slather our meat (and RICE!) according to our taste.

The dish on the farthest left are veggies! :)
Left - Beef Kare-kare, Right - Krispy Kare Kare
What I loved about the Kare-kare? THE SAUCE! I absolutely loved it! It had this rich creamy texture and peanut "sauce" (hehehe for lack of the better term) that I like in Kare-kare. It wasn't that strong but had the just right taste! Being allergic to seafood, I let Rache have all of mine I had her Krispy one. WE WERE FULL! And for that we even haven't had our second serving at that time! We then just had one more refill (me on krispy and Rache on seafood) until we surrendered. 

And just before we left, they gave us a free taste of their dessert which were old fashioned fudge cake and orange cake. Surprisingly, I loved the orange cake! It was light and sweet and tangy! I loved the flavor. Rache is a chocolate lover so naturally she preferred the fudge. The cakes were really affordable around Php 93 per slice only!

Will I recommend Tres? YES! The food, service, and ambiance is GREAT! Its also a great place to bring your balikbayan friends or family and let them renew their taste buds of Filipino-Spanish cuisine in a classy way. 

P.S. By the way, Tres has a promo right now! CRISPY SISIG for only 3 PESOS! Drop by at TRES now to try it out! :)

Photo Credit: Tres FB Page