Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last week, I was privileged to be a part of the Minion Dollar Club Treat by Miss Joyce Ramirez from Publicity Asia. She treated us minions (around 30 plus in all) to eat at BON CHON! When I heard about the treat, I was super excited! I already had a taste of Bon Chon Chicken once at SM Megamall. And it was sooo good that I wanted more!

Cool interior look!
"The hottest hot wings in New York is finally here. Dubbed by GQ and Esquire as "The Best Fried Chicken in America," Bon Chon's crispy but non-greasy chicken has been featured in the New York Times... Only the freshest chicken wings and legs are deep fried twice in 0 grams trans fat soy bean oil - this burns off all the chicken fat and makes the chicken crunchy outside and tender inside. Option of glazed Soy Garlic or Soy Garlic Hot Sauce completes the Bon Chon Chicken Experience."  

So let's have a look now shall we? This is what was served to us during the meal.

Literally a feast before my eyes! I had 2 Six-piece trays in front of me. I was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of food being offered. I wasn't quite sure what to taste first! But then again, the star of the event stole my concentration..

Soy Garlic Flavor
Soy Garlic Spicy
Just looking at the photo makes my mouth water. I love the crispiness of the chicken. The sweet tangy flavor excites my taste buds. When I bite in it, the tender meat tastes just right. If I weren't with such a distinguished crowd at that time, I'd probably would have stuffed myself silly with it! Hehehe..

Normally I'm not into spicy food. As much as possible, I avoid it like a plague. But I was challenged to try it and I DID and oh boy, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and the degree of spiciness! It wasn't too hot that I was overwhelmed by the spiciness but it was just the right amount for me to savour the taste and texture of the Bon Chon Chicken with an added "oomph" to it!

This is their Kimchi Coleslaw. I'm not a fan of Kimchi but this tastes super good! 
It complimented the chicken perfectly!

I ate around 8-9 pieces (hahaha I wasn't quite sure..) of BON CHON Chicken! I feel so proud of myself! AND take note, I ate it with NO RICE! Wooohooo! So no guilty feelings. harharhar!

We were also offered Fish Tacos. I was pleasantly surprised by it. 
Not a big fan of fish but this tasted really good!

The meat was cooked just right and tender and I just love the sauce! 
 Takaw kanin nga lang so I didn't eat a lot of that. 
 I wanted to have enough room in my tummy for BON CHON CHICKEN Goodness!

So in total I had 8 pieces of chicken, 1 Fish Taco,  3 spoonfuls of Bolgogi rice, 1/2 cup of Kimchi Coleslaw, and 2 tall glasses of Iced Tea!

Will I recommend Bon Chon Chicken? YES I will!
 Its a great place to eat instead of your typical fastfood chain. 
My only suggestion for Bon Chon Chicken is for BIGGER pieces (hehehe.. matakaw!)
 and to make sure that the entire chicken piece is all glazed up! 

Checkout Bonchon Chicken Philippines FB page for more info.
So what are you guys waiting for? Run to your nearest Bon Chon Chicken restaurant. Bon Chon Chicken at Katipunan is about to be done! I'm also looking forward to see a BON CHON CHICKEN restaurant at the Trinoma Mall or SM City North Edsa area.