Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pepper Lunch Addictions

Hey guys! I know I've neglected this blog for sometime already. So to bump this up again I've decided to revamp this as my food diary. Hehe. For this entry, I just want to rave about Pepper Lunch!
One of my fave Pepper Lunch Express dishes -Beef Curry Pepper Lunch with cheese. It is full of flavor. Actually the "curry"~like flavor isnt that overoowring which makes this dish a lot. I love the stickiness of the rice due to the cheese. Of course to make it more perfect, I always order extra egg so that its really super filling talaga!
Of course nothing still beats Beef Pepper Lunch in its original form! Oh and have I mentioned how much I love egg with my Pepper Lunch? hehe. So if you havent tried out Pepper Lunch yet, you should definitely try it out in one of their express branches. Have a wonderful day! Mwah mwah!