Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i LOVE Frutti Froyo!

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Summer is soooo here in the Philippines and because of this, I've searched  found my new snack/dessert addiction... FRUTTI FROYO! One of our friends recommended this to us, and once I tasted it.. I GOT HOOKED!

One of the amazing things that I love about Frutti Froyo is the fact that its a SELF-SERVE FROZEN YOGURT -- meaning I can make my own mix! Each time I visit Frutti Froyo becomes a unique experience because I can choose from a variety of flavored yogurt and awesome toppings AND I can choose how much or little amount of each yogurt or topping! I have the control! And I absolutely LOVE it! 

Yes those nuts are hidden somewhere under those other yummy toppings!

I've tasted the chocolate yogurt flavor (which my dad and brother is totally addicted to) and the typical tart yogurt flavor and those are my favorites! The toppings are sooooo awesome! Whenever I eat yogurt, it must have a lot of CRUNCH to it... and Frutti Froyo satisfied my craving for nuts! They have pecans, walnuts, cashew, almonds, and even hazel nut toppings to choose from. And yes, my frutti froyo MUST always have all of those nuts in it! hehehe.. of course, the usual yogurt toppings are available there. 

But I must say what makes Frutti Froyo unique is that they have GHIRARDELLI chocolate sauce (and also caramel I think..) available to make your Frutti Froyo experience so much more memorable for the chocolate lovers out there. :) love love love it!

One of the best part of eating at Frutti Froyo is that you have control on how much you will pay for your Frutti Froyo experience because the price is based on how much it weighs! Each ounce is Php 18.00. Not bad eh? And check this out, they also recently gave out a loyalty rewards card. For every 10 ounces single receipt purchase, you get a sticker.

Collect all 10 stickers and you get ONE FREE CUP up to 10 ounces with any flavor or toppings of your choice! 

I got my rewards card PLUS a 10% discount card on next single receipt purchase earlier this year as a promo for filling up their survey form. :) Thanks FF! Anyway, all this talk of yogurt has made my mouth water.. so why not drop by at the nearest Frutti Froyo branch near you! 

I want some more... :(

with Friends and Family at Trinoma Frutti Froyo Branch!

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