Monday, July 12, 2010

Pasta Fun at The Old Spaghetti House

RESTAURANT: The Old Spaghetti House
LOCATION: SM Marikina, SM North Edsa Annex (and so many more)
PRICE RANGE: Php 100.00 up
CUISINE: Italian

Kai Cafe Rate:
Food 8.5/10
Environment 8.5/10
Ambiance 8.5/10
Service 8/10

"Welcome to The Old Spaghetti House! A great dining experience doesn't have to cost a lot. Indulge on mouth-watering spaghettis, delightful dishes and heavenly desserts in a unique and fun environment. Indeed, there are Treasures Waiting to be Discovered."

They definitely got their description right! As a pasta lover, this is one of the places I love to go to even on a tight budget. This year, I actually celebrated my birthday at The Old Spaghetti House at SM City North Annex. It was really a happy moment for me coz I got to celebrate it with my family and church friends. I've also eaten at TOSH for several times already with my bestfriend or coworkers.

EXTERIOR/INTERIOR. What I like about TOSH is the "old red brick house" look that they have that makes it look.. well old and established! It gives the subliminal message that they have been there for a long time already and they know what they are doing.. cooking rather! TOSH restaurants in the mall still exude the same feeling. The interior of the restaurant gives a warm feeling as well with the dark brown, black, and brick red colors used in the furniture and walls.

AMBIANCE. I love the lighting at TOSH. It does exude a warm, inviting, and also romantic atmosphere which I'm pretty much sure is appreciated by couples who eat there. Also the atmosphere does give off a semi-posh feel to it which is pretty amazing since the food offered is definitely within one's budget!

FOOD/SERVICE.  Of course one cannot mention TOSH without lavishing praise on the food! I love the variety of pasta that they offer! And not only because they all taste delicious but because of their amazing low prices. The price for appetizers or starters begin even below 100 pesos. Then they offer different spaghettis, red sauce pasta, white sauce pasta, pizza, rice meals, pasta meals, and so much more! My personal favorite pasta at TOSH is the Sun-dried Tomato Pesto. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! What I usually order is the Pasta Meal which is Pepper crusted fish with sun-dried tomato pesto. Its price is actually Php 190.00 and I swear, worth every cent! Other pasta that are quite famous at TOSH is Pasta Negra (pasta cooked in squid ink) and Gourmet Tuyo with Lemon Rind. Its uniquely TOSH so if you are willing to have a pasta adventure, I would suggest that! And surprisingly, the desserts are actually divine! As I mentioned, I celebrated my birthday at TOSH and they actually gave me a slice of cake (forgot what its called). Service was good and the waiters were accommodating. It does take a while though for the food to be served so I wouldn't advise this place if you were in a hurry.

OVERALL IMPACT. TOSH gets high rates from me for the great food, affordable prices, and "date-able" location! 

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