Monday, June 28, 2010

A Taste at Tokyo Cafe

PRICE RANGE: Php 170.00 up
CUISINE: Italian-Japanese
Kai Cafe Rate:
Food 8.5/10
Environment 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
"Tokyo Cafe is the only Japanese style family restaurant that offers Western dishes with that distinct Japanese touch and prides itself with genuine Japanese hospitality and service."

This is the description  that you can read off Tokyo Cafe's website. I do agree, its definitely a family restaurant coz the first time I ate there was with my family just this Father's day! Honestly, I've been most curious about TokyoCafe for sometime now. I love Japanese food! And I love Cafes (or more specifically anything that has something to do with coffee).. so seeing the two of them together in one place thrilled me. But I never got a chance to drop by and eat there with my friends til just recently. And boy was I surprised! 

EXTERIOR. The first thing that attracted me here was really their cute signboard and the interesting fake food display they have on the side. That really helped a lot coz it gave you an idea of the menu and how big the serving is. It had a description of the food with its price attached it making it very convenient for those passing by to consider eating there.

INTERIOR. It was a bit of a tight fit. But it wasn't really that bad it coz it encouraged closeness with the family members. The modern black and brown furniture was classy and showed off nicely with the tastefully beige walls. I especially loved the wallpaper poster of a street scene in Italy. I was facing the it when we were eating and it was quite a conversation piece and gave the illusion as if you are looking out the streets of Italy!

AMBIANCE. Lighting was dim probably to encourage the cozy feel. Loved the Music! They played soft J-Pop music in the background which helped remind you of that its a "Tokyo Cafe" feel despite the interior that you see. 

FOOD. It was fantastic! We ordered 1 All Meat Pizza (P 265), 1 Mango Chicken Ceasar Salad (P178), 1 Kaibi-ju -beef w/rice (P218), 1 Tokyo Boneless Chicken (P175), 1 Chicken Ala Pobre (P175), 1 Bacon Tomato Pasta (P 218), and 3 servings of Plain Rice (@ P35). There were 7 of us who ate there and yes believe it or not, the serving was good enough for all of us! Especially the Chicken dishes that we ordered. One serving was good enough for 2 people to share. You just have to order additional rice. Most importantly, the food was great! We really enjoyed our meal! My mom even said that it was worth every centavo! (which means a lot by the way.. hehe) My personal favorite was the Bacon Tomato Pasta. I chose that particular food because it looked so good on the picture.. and to our surprise.. IT ACTUALLY DELIVERED! lol. I loved the way that the bacon did not overwhelm the tomato sauce but the two of them blended together to make the pasta taste incredible! And it also felt light to the taste! Definitely one of my favorite pasta dishes from now on. I would so recommend it to pasta lovers out there!
(>__< we enjoyed the food so much that we totally forgot to take a picture of it first before eating.)

SERVICE. I think they did a good job. We were properly greeted, graciously served, and they were quite accomodating when we asked one of the waiters to take our family picture. Most of their greetings were in Japanese which added to the novelty of the cafe.

OVERALL IMPACT. LOVE IT! ^___^ I can't wait to drop by their again to sample their coffee and desserts. We hadn't had much time during Father's day to order dessert so thats one treat I'm looking forward to taste.

RECOMMENDATION: GO VISIT TOKYOCAFE! I personally think its a great place to have a group date there with your close set of friends or family. Good food. Light on the pocket! :)

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